Are you creating your happiest life, mama? Do you want to?

Join us in the Happiness Mama Community, a group of kindred spirits who believe in real connection and support in our journey of mindful motherhood and life creation.

Kind, creative mamas from all over the world are living into the four pillars of mama bliss--self-care, creativity, values, and simplicity--and creating happier, more loving, less-stressed-out lives. 

Join us in February for a Self-Love Celebration!

Every day from the 1st through the 14th, we're going to be giving ourselves some good, good lovin', in the form of kind thoughts, noting our accomplishments, and bitty (or big!) bits of self-care.

For added fun, there will be prizes! But the very best prize is the gift of loving yourself, appreciating yourself, and being good to yourself, each and every day. 

Sign up below to join us! And also get your copy of The Self-Care Workbook, free! 

See you soon in the Happiness Mama Community! 

Love, Heather

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